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.KRD domain for everyone

.KRD is the new namespace for Kurdistan, its people, institutions and businesses. It is a dedicated open space for the benefit of registrants, the KRG, and Internet users in Kurdistan and globally.

The .KRD TLD assumes an essential part in approving Kurdish culture and language during a time of growing globalization. It will empower Kurdistan to participate in the undeniably worldwide, social online point of view through the capacity to teach and share its rich language, societies and customs. Accordingly, Kurdistan will be allowed a chance to cultivate culturally diverse joining and comprehension of this district and its people.

It is our passion at .KRD to make sure the rights of registrants are protected and the policies that safeguard a transparent operation are not violated.


If you are an artist, singer, public figure, influencer, photographer or just an accomplished individual with a passion and want to show your enthusiasm or work to the world .KRD will give you the right platform, as the digital signature for your activities. Choosing your domain name from .KRD name space draws significant attention to the audience with whom you strive to connect.

Associating your passion or business with .KRD is a way to connect with your community as .KRD brings people with mutual interests all around the world together and builds a ground for common goals.

.KRD is not just a geographical top-level domain; it is our digital home, our brand, and our digital identity.


For your business, digital presence matters, because it connects you to as many people as your business can possibly serve. To obtain a distinct and mission oriented website the choice of the domain name is essential.

The more elaborate the name of your website, the easier it is to be remembered by users. .KRD allows you to register the exact website name as your business name giving you an opportunity to bypass the overcrowded .com name space.  

.KRD enables local businesses and organizations to communicate with the local market and engage with an ever-growing online Kurdistani community. 

.KRD can also offer your business customized content based on geographical area, and it helps you reach the targeted group of customers and viewers. An international brand may have many websites, each targeting a different geographical area and showing different offers and products based on the market analysis of the targeted area.

Tailoring the content of your platform according to the needs of your customers will help you enhance their experience and in turn will help you boost your business.

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